Sunday, 14 April 2019

Riding My Emu by John Kaniecki

Allen Ginsburg
Moloch was the matriarch of madness
A male giving birth?
Are we not the byproduct of the Earth?
Cancer says the doctor with hands trembling
A scary diagnosis resembling
The final, Final Solution
Take the butcher’s knife and cut a slice
Shall I spew forth a mouth of sperm?
If you want to get the big fish
To eat on your fine china dish
You need to use the correct worm
And for the final time
I am not Jesus Christ
Though I shall be crucified with my only crime
Telling the truth
And warning the youth
Not to enlist
I’ll be riding my emu
Cause I’m one cool cat
I’ll be riding my emu
Provided I don’t get too fat
But the blubber blues
Will be diffracted with strict refinement
When I go into solitary confinement
There with my Bible
And my sweet imagination
Contemplating salvation
And every vixen lustfully laden with sin
Spirit wrestles with carnality
Double duality
It’s true! It’s true?
Black can be white if you just look at it right

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