Thursday, 14 April 2016

Four sonnets written on a dark night by Klaus J. Gerken

All bokeh Wednesday! (c) Kevin Dooley


i walked into the jungle of inception
i knew it was the darkest place to hide
i waited for the beast to come and take me
to the lake where no one makes a good demise
but the beast was in the recess of my anger
i could not pray to any other god
i was cold as night approached i shed the burden
and made a bed of thistles in the sod
a woman in a vision came to save me
she said i was a stranger with a cause
i did not understand the implications
to separate the failure from the loss
so she left me where the vision had no meaning
and the beast preferred new meat and i was lost
kjg 26 mar 2016


i awoke where i could never question silence
it surrounded me as if some great divide
no one could foresee my weak surrender
and none would guide me to the other side
i was hoping that the sun would wake the treeline
i looked around and found no path complete
the leaves and moss were deep upon the shadow
and i was in the mourning of defeat
with a start i saw the beast rear up before me
with fear inside my throat i could not scream
his eyes were orbs of light that made me quiver
with nothing but the quiet air between
so i lunged at him and both engaged in struggle
where victory and loss could not be seen
kjg 232am 27 mar 2016


i struggled with my conscience for advisement
with nothing to appease the storm within
it was dangerous with no chance of survival
on the sea of high remorse it let me win
the beast retreated with a heart of vengeance
i let him go as if i was insane
the waltz of contradictory solutions
turned my mind into a rough terrain
nowhere did i see the trees surrender
the darkness to a victors awful grin
i sat down on the moss and my whole body
fell limp with the exhaustion of a sin
so sometimes when we struggle with the terror
the only way to end is to begin
kjg 356am 27 mar 2016


i waited if the sun would build a shadow
upon the threshing floor of concerned hope
i knew there must be somewhere light would manage
to lift the patient from the bed to cope
so moving on i chose the right direction
it did not matter what that might have been
when lost there never is a wrong direction
when walking into someone else's dream
i took a stave and started on my journey
the path i chose was forward with a gleam
you can't be found by being lost forever
whatever danger threatens so we lean
towards the highest hope that is in heaven
or hell or even what is there between
kjg 435am 27 mar 2016

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