Saturday, 13 June 2020

Going Home by Fabrice Poussin

Forgotten Road by Scott Blackwell

He found his way on the forgotten road
through the utter darkness of dawns
caught in unlikely chaos.

Terror assailed him from all sides
fields of golden grasses turned to ash
clouds of tar rolled on like a shroud.

On the edge of a certain death
he pushed on with one last breath
to return home to his home among giants.

Life lay beyond the threatening gate anew
awaiting the return of the most beloved son
cautious of unwelcome intruders.

A brief moment was his only reprieve
the massive citadel shut as he entered
blinded by the warm light of pure rains.

To the infinite depth above he saw
walls of pastels alive with thick nectars
and closed his eyes to rest in the eternal dream.


Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Author of novels and poetry, his work has appeared in Kestrel, Symposium, The Chimes, and many other magazines. His photography has been published in The Front Porch Review, the San Pedro River Review as well as other publications.

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