Thursday, 14 December 2017

Unmapping by Megan Mealor

World Globe by Joanne Hevel ca. 1696. Photographer Rosario Fiore

we finished in callous calligraphy
what we never felt the need to do
heart to heart
fire to frenzy to fracture
there were vast, luscious moments
we will remember in
agave Antigua whispers
Bavarian bread crumbs
winter-capped Norse summits
bleeding blue lyrics on Baltic beaches
crawling through granite and Greenland
deflowering Irish violet lullabies and
English rose sonnets in our shrieking wake
you manifested the anonymous almond shores
where I will one day overture my soul
these posturing postcards
will be our postscripts
those Nova Scotia steamship whitetips
our final coup de grâce

                                                                      First published in Sick Lit Magazine, February2017


Megan Denese Mealor spins words into wares in Jacksonville, Florida, where she lives in imperfect harmony with her partner and son. Her work has appeared most recently or is forthcoming in Literally StoriesThe Ekphrastic ReviewLiquid ImaginationNeologism Poetry JournalFormer People, HaikuniverseDanse MacabreDegenerates: Voices for Peace, Right Hand PointingClockwise Cat, and Third Wednesday

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