Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Card-player by Martha Landman

for Michael

A fearless card-player


his furacious jonquils
his dead horse

in the Warrego River
dada’d with bloodied tenants.

He whistles prophetic rebuke and excessively petitions dead-wind circles
loses interest in the offensive pleasure and
bites honest faith.

Next door September sails
past religion,
Malaysian trees and a self-polluting Englishman

selling freedom
to a French drifter.

The card-player found betrayal
in the sticky red disease outside an Israeli house

a clash between a fallen world
a sinful aboriginal and a boat storm
angers his poetry

This is where he weaves into joggle mode
and buys healing plants

Besides his enormous unfaithful hormones
he shoots into her cabin and unfolds true love-images excessively / gradually

the water level drops
& rises

November flowers decay
like yellowing ideas
on the ground

The card-player nestles
his head between other people’s loneliness
his incredulous laughter revolutionises the French sky.

Martha Landman writes in North Queensland, Australia. Her most recent work has appeared in Jellyfish Whispers.

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