Thursday, 12 June 2014

mgversion2>datura: mgv2_77 | 07_14 Pen is Envy Cover Revealed

mgversion2>datura: mgv2_77 | 07_14 Pen is Envy Cover Revealed: Coming pretty soon...

Cover illustration New York Ira Joel Haber

Inside illustrations by Alexandra Bouge, Sophie Brassart, Ira Joel Haber, Flora Michèle Marin & Norman Olson


Paul Beckman, Alexandra Bouge, Sophie Brassart, Chloé Charpentier, Denis Emorine, Ron Fischman, Mathias Jansson, Steve F. Klepetar, Roger Leatherwood, Karla Linn Merrifield, Peter O'Neill, Norman Olson, Emeniano Acain Somoza Jr, J.J. Steinfeld, Marisa Urgo, Yvette Vasseur, Walter Ruhlmann

Interview series: Those who have something to say -- Guest : Marie Lecrivain

Daniel N. Flanagan's debut poetry collection Stale Angst, introduced by Amber Decker,
three excerpts

Alexandra Bouge's novella La peau, introduced by Walter Ruhlmann,
three excerpts

Walter Ruhlmann's poetry collection Post Mayotte Trauma, introduced by Patrice Maltaverne, three excerpts

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