Sunday, 25 May 2014

Beakful: a poem a day

Bee by C.J. McCafferty
This idea is not new and won't change much from other related literary blogs, here and there on the web. In fact, in 1998, two years after creating Mauvaise graine -- aka mgversion2>datura -- I launched La grainée which was some sort of neologism or pun rather, as the word actually exists, but not for what it was intended to at the time. It could be translated as seedful. La grainée was a weekly leaflet which only lasted a few months, a year maybe, I cannot even remember.

When Aurora Antonovic invited me to post poems on Magnapoets -- One Poem Taking Over the World a Day, I recognized here something I could have done, but did not. Then I found out about Ancient Heart, a poetry blog which comment box is used to submit a new poem that the editor chooses to post on the blog, or not. There is Poetry Super Highway of course, edited by Rick Lupert, in California. Many more blogs of poetry that exist.

I just wanted to add an extension to mgversion2>datura by offering a space to poets, artists, writers, essayists, reviewers who don't really want to get involved in a larger project, but want from time to time to place some of their work outside.

Start submitting your work. Who will be first?

Send one-two poems, artwork, fiction, reviews, essays to mgversion2datura at gmail dot com.
Send all submissions in a txt, doc or odt file, attached to your mail.
Don't copy/paste as formatting tends to get awkward, and hard to manage afterward.
A short biography (very short -- essential only: where you are from (city, [state/province], country), a link to your blog/website, your latest publication...) is welcome but not necessary.
Read the journal mgversion2>datura and the books published through mgv2>publishing to get a sense of what I have been publishing these last 18 years.
I don't retain any rights, your writing is your creation. You are welcome to cite the original publishing place in case you reprinted your work.
Submissions read year round. Response time may vary a lot.

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